These jobs includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work pertaining to and requiring a knowledge of business and trade practices, characteristics and use of equipment, products, or property, or industrial production methods and processes, including the conduct of investigations and studies; the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information; the establishment and maintenance of contacts with industry and commerce; the provision of advisory services; the examination and appraisement of merchandise or property; and the administration of regulatory provisions and controls.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Agricultural Marketing Specialist Jobs 3
Agricultural Market Reporter Jobs 10
Agricultural Program Specialist Jobs 2
Appraiser Jobs 3
Building Management Assistant Officer Jobs 1
Business Student Trainee Jobs 5
Commissary Manager Sales Store Jobs 15
Contract Specialist and Procurement Analyst Jobs 274
Crop Insurance Administrator Jobs 0
Crop Insurance Underwriter Jobs 0
Financial Analyst Jobs 1
Grant Management Specialist 5
Housing Management Officer Project Manager Jobs 9
Industrial Specialist Jobs 11
Insurance Examiner Jobs 0
Internal Revenue Officer Jobs 2
Loan Specialist Jobs 22
Procurement Clerk Jobs 8
Production Controller Jobs 37
Property Disposal Clerk Jobs 0
Property Disposal Specialist Jobs 2
Purchasing Agent Jobs 32
Realty Specialist Jobs 35
Trade Specialist Jobs 5
Utilities Industry Analyst Jobs 2
Wage And Hour Analyst Jobs 0

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