Federal Job Title Categories

The government employs people in nearly every career field. Below are the major categories of occupations. Note that some jobs titles with similar duties or educational requirements can be found in more than one category.

General Schedule Job Titles (GS) Federal Wage System Job Titles (WG)
Accounting And Budget Aircraft Overhaul
Biological Sciences Ammunition, Explosives, & Toxic Materials Work
Business And Industry Armament Work
Copyright, Patent, And Trademark Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Education Engine Overhaul
Engineering And Architecture Equipment Installation And Maintenance
Equipment, Facilities, And Services Fabric & Leather Work
General Administration, Clerical, And Office Services Film Processing
Human Resources Management Fluid Systems Maintenance
Information And Arts Food Preparation & Servicing
Information Technology General Equipment Maintenance
Investigation General Maintenance & Operations Work
Legal And Kindred General Services & Support Work
Library And Archives Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
Mathematics And Statistics Industrial Equipment Maintenance
Medical, Hospital, Dental, And Public Health Industrial Equipment Operation
Miscellaneous Occupations (Not Elsewhere Classified) Instrument Work
Physical Sciences Laundry, Dry Cleaning, & Pressing
Quality Assurance, Inspection, And Grading Lens And Crystal Work
Social Science, Psychology, And Welfare Machine Tool Work
Supply Metal Processing
Transportation Metal Working
Veterinary Medical Science Miscellaneous Occupations
Motion Picture, Radio, Television, And Sound Equipment Operation
Packing And Processing
Painting & Paperhanging
Personal Services
Plant And Animal Work
Pliable Materials Work
Plumbing & Pipefitting
Structural & Finishing Work
Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation
Vessel Jobs
Warehousing & Stock Handling
Wire Communications Equipment Installation And Maintenance
Wood Work