Privacy and Terms and Conditions of Use Policy

This document discloses the privacy practices and terms and conditions of use for the website and related internet services ("We" / "Us" / "Our services").


We deeply values the privacy of the users of our services. As such, we collect, transmit, and store minimal amounts of your information necessary for the operation of our services and necessary to present advertising and voluntary user surveys and other content features. Below this section is a statement regarding information about you that we may collect, transmit, or store in providing services to you.

Further we require that all users of our services meet certain conditions and abide by the terms of use agreement. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use Policy below.

Finally, additional information about us, our intellectual property claims, contact information and other essential information is also provided below.

Types of information we collect about you

Users necessarily provide certain "network" information in accessing our services. This information may include web pages accessed, date and time of access, your network provider and address (IP address), referring web page (web page containing the link that brought you to our website), system information (operating system and web browser version), etc.

Users are cautioned that this information sometimes implies additional information (e.g. the user's employer may be implied by accessing services from an employer's network, likewise cellphone carrier if accessed using mobile devices).

Generally, your "network" information is used only to provide our services to you, to troubleshoot technical problems with our systems and to analyze aggregate usage statistics. We do not provide your individual level network information to others except when necessary to troubleshoot technical problems. Certain "on page" features such as analytics tracking, advertising, and voluntary user surveys are provided by third-party companies with whom we have an established business partnership. These companies will generally receive similar network information described above. We evaluate all such partners for reasonableness of their privacy practices as well as conformance with standard industry practices. However, we cannot be liable for these companies secondary use of your information. For instance, advertising providers may be aware of previous websites that you have visited and present advertising within our pages based on that knowledge or may use knowledge of your use of our website in later advertising on our or other internet sites.

Users are asked to voluntarily provide certain "user" information when using some of our features. For instance, users who create custom searches provide their search criteria to us and users of our email notification services provide their email address as well. We treat your information as confidential and use your information only to provide our services to you, to troubleshoot technical problems with our systems and to analyze aggregate usage statistics. We will use reasonable means to encrypt and secure your information that is stored within our systems.

When your "user" information is provided within third-party "on page" features (e.g. the user supplies information within an advertisement or voluntary user survey) that information is provided to the third-party directly and is neither stored nor secured by us and we cannot be liable for the further use of the information. We will make reasonable efforts to label and visually separate third-party "on page" features with the exception of analytics tracking.

Cookies: and third-party advertising and voluntary survey providers use cookies to store small amounts of text information on your computer. Such information is commonly resent upon subsequent web page requests to maintain awareness of your session and your user preferences. Generally, storing and sending of cookies is regulated by your software applications.

JavaScript or scripting: and third-party advertising and voluntary survey providers use JavaScript or scripting to run code on your computer within your web browser application. Such coding is generally limited to interacting with the display of a webpage, sending or receiving updated information from our servers, or sending the web browser to a new address. Generally, JavaScript and scripting are regulated by your software application.

We contract with various computer and network systems providers to "host" our website and computer systems. We choose business partners that we feel protect both our organization and our end users. However, your network and user information is collected and stored within these systems.

Terms and Conditions of Use

By use of our services, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions of use.

Acceptable Use
First, recognizing that few users will actually read these conditions before using our services, all services are provided solely for reasonable, good-faith, personal use for the purposes of finding information to obtain one's own employment. This agreement is predicated upon this intended usage. No other use is permitted without our written permission.

Furthermore, all other users of our systems or services agree to make reasonable inquiry into our policies regarding terms of use and to read and reviewed this entire document before use. Further, any user who makes more than a reasonable amount of use, or who accesses services without good-faith, or who does so for purposes other than to find personal employment hereby WAIVES any claim based on lack of awareness of, or lack of agreement to these terms, so long as a link to this policy is posted from our "home page" and/or the main page of any system or service accessed.

Expressly prohibited are:

All users agree to hold us completely harmless for any errors in information, availability of our systems or services, your ability to apply for employment or any employment decisions. In the event that we are found liable for any act or omission, our liability is limited to not more than the amount you paid to us for our services.

This agreement supersedes any prior agreement in exchange for continued use of our services.

We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time. Generally, we will attempt to notify active users of our services when there are significant changes in privacy policies or terms and conditions of use.

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Thank your for choosing our services. We hope that they are of value to you!

Last updated: 2-22-2015