These jobs includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in management analysis; stenography, typing, correspondence, and secretarial work; mail and file work; the operation of office appliances; the operation of communications equipment, use of codes and ciphers, and procurement of the most effective and efficient communications services; the operation of microform equipment, peripheral equipment, mail processing equipment, duplicating equipment, and copier/duplicating equipment; and other work of a general clerical and administrative nature.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Equal Opportunity Assistant Jobs 1
Data Transcriber Jobs 2
Cryptographic Equipment Operator Jobs 0
Computer Operator Jobs 0
Logistics Management Specialist Jobs 348
Coding Clerk Jobs 1
Closed Microphone Reporter Jobs 7
Clerk Typist Jobs 1
Clerk, Stenographer, and Shorthand Reporter Jobs 0
Administrative Officer Jobs 42
Administrative Office Clerk Assistant Jobs 572
Administrative, Clerical, Secretarial Jobs 0
Admin And Office Support Student Trainee Jobs 77
Information Receptionist Jobs 3
Government Information Specialist Jobs 11
Mail And File Clerk Jobs 11
Management Analyst Program Analyst Jobs 512
Management Assistant Jobs 33
Office Automation Assistant Clerk Jobs 97
Work Unit Supervisor Jobs 1
Office Service Manager Jobs 19
Messenger Jobs 2
Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist Jobs 0
Executive Candidate Pool Jobs 0
Records and Information Management Jobs 5
Telecommunication Specialist Jobs 89
Computer Assistant Clerk Jobs 21
Communications Relay Operator Jobs 1
Communications Clerk Jobs 0
Telephone Operator Jobs 2
Teletypist Jobs 0
Printing Clerk Jobs 0
Program Manager Jobs 332
Radio Operator Jobs 0
Secretary Stenography Jobs 136
Electronic Accounting Machine Operator Jobs 0
Correspondence Clerk Jobs 0

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