These jobs includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in management analysis; stenography, typing, correspondence, and secretarial work; mail and file work; the operation of office appliances; the operation of communications equipment, use of codes and ciphers, and procurement of the most effective and efficient communications services; the operation of microform equipment, peripheral equipment, mail processing equipment, duplicating equipment, and copier/duplicating equipment; and other work of a general clerical and administrative nature.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Government Information Specialist Jobs 8
Admin And Office Support Student Trainee Jobs 78
Administrative, Clerical, Secretarial Jobs 0
Administrative Office Clerk Assistant Jobs 654
Administrative Officer Jobs 67
Clerk, Stenographer, and Shorthand Reporter Jobs 0
Clerk Typist Jobs 0
Closed Microphone Reporter Jobs 34
Coding Clerk Jobs 0
Communications Clerk Jobs 0
Communications Relay Operator Jobs 3
Computer Assistant Clerk Jobs 40
Computer Operator Jobs 1
Correspondence Clerk Jobs 0
Cryptographic Equipment Operator Jobs 0
Data Transcriber Jobs 8
Electronic Accounting Machine Operator Jobs 0
Equal Opportunity Assistant Jobs 0
Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist Jobs 1
Executive Candidate Pool Jobs 0
Information Receptionist Jobs 1
Logistics Management Specialist Jobs 273
Mail And File Clerk Jobs 9
Management Analyst Program Analyst Jobs 441
Management Assistant Jobs 15
Messenger Jobs 2
Office Automation Assistant Clerk Jobs 85
Office Service Manager Jobs 5
Printing Clerk Jobs 0
Program Manager Jobs 244
Radio Operator Jobs 0
Records and Information Management Jobs 5
Secretary Stenography Jobs 170
Telecommunication Specialist Jobs 81
Telephone Operator Jobs 2
Teletypist Jobs 0
Work Unit Supervisor Jobs 0

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