These jobs includes positions that involve professional, artistic, technical, or clerical work in: (1) the communication of information and ideas through verbal, visual, or pictorial means; (2) the collection, custody, presentation, display, and interpretation of art works, cultural objects, and other artifacts; or (3) a branch of fine or applied arts such as industrial design, interior design, or musical composition. Positions in this group require writing, editing, and language ability; artistic skill and ability; knowledge of foreign languages; the ability to evaluate and interpret informational and cultural materials; or the practical application of technical or esthetic principles combined with manual skill and dexterity; or related clerical skills.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Art Specialist Jobs 0
Audio-visual Av Production Specialist Jobs 1
Editorial Assistant Jobs 1
Exhibits Specialist Jobs 1
Foreign Language Broadcaster Jobs 0
Illustrator Jobs 3
Information And Arts Student Trainee Jobs 2
Interior Designer Jobs 4
Language Clerk Jobs 0
Language Specialist Jobs 7
Museum Curator Jobs 4
Museum Specialist Technician Jobs 1
Music Specialist Jobs 0
Office Draftsman Jobs 0
Public Affairs Specialist Jobs 265
Technical Writer-editor Jobs 6
Theatre Specialist Jobs 0
Visual Information Specialist Jobs 14
Writer-editor Jobs 3