These jobs includes occupations involved in the operation and operational maintenance of self-propelled transportation and other mobile equipment (except aircraft) used to move materials or passengers, including motor vehicles, engineering and construction equipment, tractors, etc., some of which may be equipped with power takeoff and controls to operate special purpose equipment; ocean-going and inland waterway vessels, harbor craft, and floating plants; and trains, locomotives, and train cars

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Airfield Clearing Equipment Operator Jobs 1
Conductor Brakeman Switcher Jobs 1
Crane Operator Jobs 18
Deckhand Jobs 2
Drill Rig Operator Jobs 11
Engineering Equipment Operator Jobs 39
Fork Lift Operator Jobs 0
Locomotive Engineer Jobs 0
Mining And Tunneling Machine Operator Jobs 0
Motor Vehicle Operator Jobs 73
Railroad Maintenance Vehicle Operator Jobs 0
Riverboat Operator Jobs 0
Road Sweeper Operator Jobs 0
Ship Operator Jobs 0
Small Craft Operator Jobs 1
Tank Driver Jobs 0
Tractor Operator Jobs 16

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