These jobs includes occupations involved in the installation, repair, rebuilding, adjustment, modification, and testing of small arms and artillery weapons and allied accessories. Artillery includes, but is not limited to, field artillery, antitank artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, aircraft and shipboard weapons, recoilless rifles, rocket launchers, mortars, cannons, and allied accessories. Small arms includes, but is not limited to, rifles, carbines, pistols, revolvers, helmets, body armor, shoulder-type rocket launchers, machine guns, and automatic rifles.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Aircraft Ordnance Systems Mechanic Jobs 8
Artillery Repairer Jobs 5
Foreign Commercial Service Officer Jobs 0
Miscellaneous Armament Work Jobs 4
Ordnance Equipment Mechanic Jobs 11
Small Arms Repairer Jobs 10
Special Weapons Systems Mechanic Jobs 0