These jobs includes occupations involving the fabrication, modification, and repair of clothing and equipment made of: (1) woven textile fabrics of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin; (2) plastic film and filaments; (3) natural and simulated leather; (4) natural and synthetic fabrics; and (5) paper. Work involves use of handtools and mechanical devices and machines to lay out, cut, sew, rivet, mold, fit, assemble, and attach findings to articles such as uniforms, rainwear, hats, belts, shoes, brief cases, holsters, equipage articles, tents, gun covers, bags, parachutes, upholstery, mattresses, brushes, etc.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Fabric Worker Jobs 5
Miscellaneous Fabric and Leather Work Jobs 0
Sewing Machine Operator Jobs 0
Shoe Repairer Jobs 0
Upholsterer Jobs 0