These jobs includes occupations involved in the maintenance or repair of equipment, machines, or instruments that are not coded to other job families because the equipment is not characteristically related to one of the established subject matter areas such as electronics, electrical, industrial, transportation, instruments, engines, aircraft, ordnance, etc., or because the nature of the work calls for limited knowledge/skill in a variety of crafts or trades as they relate to the repair of such equipment, but not a predominate knowledge of any one trade or craft.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Aircraft Survival-flight Equipment Repairer Jobs 8
Bearing Reconditioning Worker Jobs 0
Bicycle Repairer Jobs 0
Bowling Equipment Repairer Jobs 7
Chemical Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Domestic Appliance Repairer Jobs 0
Equipment Maintenance Mechanic Jobs 5
Film Processing Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Locksmith Jobs 4
Medical Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Musical Instrument Repairer Jobs 0
Navigation Aids Repairer Jobs 0
Orthopedic Appliance Repairer Jobs 0
Reclamation Worker Jobs 0
Safety Equipment Maker And Repairer Jobs 0
Saw Reconditioner Jobs 0
Tool And Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Vending Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Window Shade Maker And Repairer Jobs 0