These jobs includes occupations that: (1) consist of various combinations of work that are involved in constructing, maintaining, and repairing buildings, roads, grounds, and related facilities; manufacturing, modifying, and repairing items or apparatus made from a variety of materials or types of components; or repairing and operating equipment or utilities; and (2) require the application of a variety of trade practices associated with occupations in more than one job family (unless otherwise indicated), and the performance of the highest level of work in at least two of the trades involved.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Boat Builder And Repairer Jobs 0
Cemetary Caretaker Jobs 8
Exhibits Maker Jobs 0
General Equipment Mechanic Jobs 1
General Equipment Operator Jobs 0
Maintenance Mechanic Jobs 786
Model Maker Jobs 1
Planner And Estimator Electrical Mechanical Jobs 49
Research Laboratory Mechanic Jobs 0
Utility Systems Repairer Operator Jobs 25