These jobs includes occupations not specifically covered by another family that require little or no specialized training or work experience to enter. These occupations usually involve work such as moving and handling materials (e.g., loading, unloading, digging, hauling, hoisting, carrying, wrapping, mixing, pouring, spreading); washing and cleaning laboratory apparatus, cars, and trucks, etc; cleaning and maintaining living quarters, hospital rooms and ward, office buildings, grounds, and other areas; and doing other general maintenance work by hand or using common handtools and power equipment. They may involve heavy or light physical work and various skill levels. Skills are generally learned through job experience and instruction from supervisors or, in some instances, formal training programs lasting a few days or weeks or longer.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Coin And Currency Checker Jobs 0
Custodial Worker Hospital Housekeeping Aid Jobs 282
Laboratory Support Worker Jobs 0
Laboratory Worker Jobs 0
Laborer Jobs 142
Miscellaneous General Services and Support Work Jobs 6
Pipeline Worker Jobs 0
Railroad Repairer Jobs 1
Stevedore Jobs 0
Student Aid Summer Aid Jobs 0