These jobs includes occupations involved in the general maintenance, installation, and repair of portable and stationary industrial machinery, tools, and equipment such as sewing machines, machine tools, woodworking and metalworking machines, printing equipment, processing equipment, driving machinery, power generating equipment, air conditioning equipment, heating and boiler plant equipment, and other types of machines and equipment used in the production of goods and services.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Jobs 45
Drawbridge Repairer Jobs 0
Elevator Mechanic Jobs 0
Heater And Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic Jobs 9
Industrial Equipment Mechanic Jobs 4
Kitchen And Bakery Equipment Mechanic Jobs 0
Laundry And Dry Cleaning Equipment Mechanic Jobs 0
Lock And Dam Equipment Mechanic Jobs 7
Marine Machinery Repairer Jobs 31
Miscellaneous Industrial Equipment Maintenance Jobs 5
Oiler Jobs 0
Powered Support Systems Mechanic Jobs 32
Powerhouse Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Printing Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Production Machinery Mechanic Jobs 10
Sewing Machine Mechanic Jobs 0
Wind Tunnel Mechanic Jobs 0