These jobs includes occupations that involve fabricating, assembling, calibrating, testing, installing, repairing, modifying, and maintaining instruments and instrumentation systems for measuring, regulating, and computing physical quantities such as mass, moment, force, acceleration, displacement, stress, strain, vibration or oscillation frequency, phase and amplitude, linear or angular velocity, spacetime position and attitude, pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, humidity, thermal or electrical conductivity, voltage, current, power, power factor, impedance, and radiation. Examples of such instruments and equipment are: gyro, optical, photographic, timekeeping, electrical, metered, pressure, and geared instruments, test equipment, and navigation, flight control, and fuel totalizing systems. The work requires knowledge of electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical, pneumatic, and/or hydraulic principles.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Instrument Maker Jobs 3
Instrument Mechanic Jobs 2
Optical Instrument Repairer Jobs 2
Precision Measurement Equipment Calibrating Jobs 1
Projection Equipment Repairer Jobs 0
Scale Builder Installer And Repairer Jobs 0
Student Trainee Instrument Mechanic Jobs 0