These jobs includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform investigation, inspection, or enforcement work primarily concerned with alleged or suspected offenses against the laws of the United States, or such work primarily concerned with determining compliance with laws and regulations.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Customs And Border Protection Interdiction Jobs 1
Equal Opportunity Investigation Jobs 5
Investigative Analysis Jobs 798
Wage And Hour Investigation Series Jobs 4
Admeasurer and Admeasurement Technician Jobs 0
Alcohol Tobacco And Firearms Inspector Jobs 0
Aviation Safety Inspector Jobs 116
Border Patrol Agent Jobs 18
Consumer Safety Inspector Jobs 58
Customs Aid Jobs 0
Customs Entry Officer,liquidator Jobs 0
Customs Inspector Jobs 0
Customs Patrol Officer Jobs 0
Customs Warehouse Officer Jobs 7
Food Inspector Jobs 37
Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement and Compliance Jobs 557
General Investigator, Regulatory Specialist Jobs 12
Immigration Inspector Jobs 0
Import Specialist Jobs 0
Investigation Student Trainee Jobs 4
Investigator Air Safety Jobs 0
Mine Safety Inspector Jobs 1
Public Health Quarantine Inspector Jobs 0
Securities And Exchange Inspector Jobs 25
Warehouse Examiner Jobs 0