These jobs includes occupations involved in shaping and forming metal and making and repairing metal parts or equipment. Includes such work as the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal parts and equipment; forging and press operations; structural iron working, boilermaking, shipfitting, and other plate metal work; rolling, cutting, stamping, riveting, etc. Does not include machine tool work.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Blacksmith Jobs 0
Boilermaker Jobs 0
Coppersmith Jobs 0
Medal Maker Jobs 0
Metal Fabricating Machine Operator Jobs 0
Metal Forger Jobs 0
Metal Forming Machine Operator Jobs 2
Metal Metals Worker Jobs 2
Metal Tank And Radiator Repairer Jobs 0
Metal Tube Maker Installer And Repairer Jobs 0
Mobile Equipment Metal Mechanic Jobs 6
Pneumatic Tool Operator Jobs 0
Sheet Metal Mechanic Jobs 46
Shipfitter Jobs 19
Springmaker Jobs 0
Transfer Engraver Jobs 0