We do NOT offer application assistance or technical support for external websites.

  1. Each hiring department has its own procedures.  The link below is only the starting point for a complete application.

  2. Read the vacancy announcement carefully. All information must be submitted or you won't be considered for the position.

  3. Form OF-612 must be submitted or ensure that every item from OF-612 can be found on your resume.

  4. Make sure the job is open to the public. Positions reserved for status candidates will require either SF-50 or DD-214 which are reports from a federal agency or service branch for employees.

  5. Browser Security Warnings on military websites can be bypassed by selecting "continue to this website", "add an exception", or similar option. Your information will still be encrypted.


  1. If you have a technical issue with an application website such as Application Manager, Avue, Resumix, or Chart look for the help section on that site.

  2. Every question about the hiring process - required documents, eligibility, qualifications etc. - should be directed to the hiring department. Their contact information is located near the end of the vacancy announcement.