These jobs includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform clerical, administrative, or technical work involved in the provision of transportation service to the Government, the regulation of transportation utilities by the Government, or the management of Government-funded transportation programs, including transportation research and development projects.

Job Title Current Jobs Available
Technical Systems Program Manager Jobs 2
Aircraft Operation Pilot Jobs 188
Aircrew Technician Jobs 10
Air Navigation Specialist Jobs 4
Air Traffic Assistant Jobs 4
Air Traffic Controller Jobs 52
Cargo Scheduler Jobs 0
Dispatcher Jobs 17
Freight Rate Clerk Specialist Jobs 5
Highway Safety Specialist Jobs 0
Marine Cargo Specialist Jobs 6
Motor Carrier Safety Specialist Jobs 0
Passenger Rate Assistant Jobs 0
Railroad Safety Examiner Jobs 0
Shipment Clerk Jobs 0
Traffic Management Specialist Jobs 27
Transportation Analyst Jobs 0
Transportation Clerk Jobs 146
Transportation Loss Claims Examiner Jobs 0
Transportation Operations Specialist Jobs 18
Transportation Rate And Tariff Examiner Jobs 0
Transportation Specialist Jobs 71
Transportation Student Trainee Jobs 1
Travel Clerk Jobs 0

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